When the old way of working just isn't working anymore It's time to…


It's all about ME

Insight, Self-awareness, Consciousness, Contemplation.
Reflect »


It's all about ME & YOU

Understand, Influence, Control, Appreciate.
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It's about ALL of US

Strategize, Understand, Employ, Change.
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Leadership is a dynamic process of turning inward to seek insight and reaching outward to inspire others. The image of the spiral is a powerful reminder that the path to leadership surrounds us daily.

Inside Out can provide positive change for individuals and organizations through a personalized approach to strategic planning. Through tailored workshops, organization leaders and staff have an opportunity to explore leadership styles, communication patterns, and team dynamics to meet desired goals and objectives.

Learning a language and the skills to communicate effectively is critical in navigating rapidly changing interpersonal and Interprofessional environments.
Building Interprofessional Capacity
The Leadership Intensive model gained National attention last year after a published manuscript of interprofessional evaluation findings, a retrospective cohort study, that reported significant outcomes in the areas of interprofessional attitudes, beliefs, and practices among those who participated (over 7 years).
The Enneagram
The Enneagram is a nine-pointed geometric figure with each of the 9 points representing a different personality profile or style.
Program Impact
All programs are rigorously evaluated with results provided to organization or team leaders. Program feedback is then incorporated into future team development workshops.
Your Guide
Inside Out is the consulting practice of Dr. Angela Rosenberg, Dr.P.H., Board Certified Executive Coach.